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Desks and File Cabinets

We understand the frustration of being locked out of your own belongings. That’s why we offer locksmith services for desks and file cabinets.

Professional Master Locksmith Services for Desks & Filing Cabinets in St. George

Getting into your desk and file cabinets should be easy and quick. If it’s not, it might be time to call in a locksmith to help. Whether you need a new lock, a new key, or just can’t get into it, we can take care of it for you. We know that getting to the secure information that these items hold can be time-sensitive, which is why we’re available for desk and file cabinet services 24-hours a day.

File Cabinet

File or filing cabinets are a commonplace way to store information and valuable documents that you don’t want prying eyes to access. They often come with locks and keys that are small and discreet. Their size makes them easier to keep out of sight, but it also makes them so much easier to lose. If you do lose the key to your file cabinet, you might assume that you have to break into it, or worse, break it, to get access. Before you attempt to dismantle your cabinet, consider turning to a locksmith expert who can open the lock for you without damaging your file cabinet.

Each filing cabinet lock is uniquely customized to the cabinet itself, so the best method of unlocking it depends on the situation. You need a locksmith who can assess the situation, find the right method to unlock the cabinet, and get you into it. We’re certified locksmiths who can do just that.


There are several different kinds of locks that are placed on desks. These range from a simple lever lock to a pin tumbler or disc lock. While you can try to open the lock yourself, only a locksmith can decipher which type of lock you have, and ultimately, the best way to open it. If you can’t get into the lock, whether the key is broken or misplaced, you can still get access to the desk with the help of a trained locksmith.

When You Need Access, We’ll Get You In

No matter if you can’t get into a desk or filing cabinet because of a missing key or a broken lock, we’ll figure out the best way for you to regain access. When you work with Accurate Lock & Safe, you can rest assured that your lock is in good hands. We provide high-quality, dependable locksmith services at affordable prices to give you the best experience possible.

Not only do we have 30+ years of experience, but we’re also a certified Master Locksmith and Associated Locksmith of America. At Accurate Lock & Safe, we have what it takes to open your file cabinets and desks in no time. For all your locksmith needs in St. George and the neighboring areas, turn to the professional services of Accurate Lock & Safe. Contact us today!

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