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When you want to install an accurate control system, you probably don’t think much of the doors you’re installing it on. The door you install your accurate control systems on needs to be sound for the system to function properly.

With over 30 years of commercial locksmith expertise, we have a vast knowledge of commercial door hardware, which is a key component to an accurate control system’s success. Different types of doors require different configurations, and we’ve seen them all. We’re the leader in recommending, installing, and repairing both mechanical and electromechanical door hardware.

When you want to install an accurate control system, pick the experts at Accurate Safe & Lock who know the system—and the door hardware—from inside and out to get the job done right.

What are Accurate Control Systems?

Your business is important to you. Securing it is just as important. The problem with the old-fashioned key entry systems is that they simply are not the safest manner to manage entry. A physical key device is a non-changeable system that is open to many problems.

With a physical lock to allow entry to the building, you need to give employees or contractors physical control to the entry of your site. Often, this is done by giving them a key for their use. This can be a big problem because a traditional key can easily be copied or stolen. Once the key or a copy of the key falls into the wrong hands, access to your site is compromised, and the security of your building is then at risk. The only solution to this compromise is to change the physical locks on the entry doors. At some sites, this can be dozens if not hundreds of doors, which can be a huge financial strain on your business.

Accurate control systems let you avoid compromising security situations. Securing your site in a manner that can readily be changed and updated, without the need for replacement hardware such as door locks, gives you peace of mind that your business is truly secure. These keyless or electronic solutions can even be installed without costly computer systems.

A common form of commercial access control is card security systems. Other types of access control include keypads and scanners. In a card security system, you can manage employees or contractors through the issuance of key cards. The key card needs to be scanned at the entry door and its information is checked for secure entry. The system may be reset at any time so that any key card will not open any or all doors. In this manner, you can secure your building from unwanted entry. You do not have to worry about keys that are copied or stolen because any key card can be rendered useless very easily.

These flexible methods allow you to add new employees easily or remove old employees just as quickly. These methods also can manage multiple entry points in your building. You can set up any given employee so that only selected entry points will work with their key card, or if needed, give them the ability to use all entry points.

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Our customers are the focus of everything we do. Our work must be done with our customers in mind. Our customers are not interruptions of our work; they are the purpose of it!

What an Access Control System Can Do for You

  • Limit access to perimeter doors
  • Trigger alarms when doors are accessed without permission
  • Trigger surveillance systems on alarms
  • Monitor time and attendance
  • Provide biometric input
  • Manage parking
  • Detect intruders
  • Control elevators
  • Input applications
  • Enter graphic floor plans
  • Set guard tours
  • Give real-time diagnostic and event recordings
  • Integrate photo badging
  • Network multiple sites anywhere in the world
  • Add Muster tracking
  • Integrate lockdown features, selected readers, workstation
  • Some systems are capable of up to 100,000 points of access

Our specialized locksmiths provide comprehensive training to our customers for your security systems, whether they are card, electronic, or keyless access. A customized card access control system will ensure that you, your customers, employees, and physical possessions will be protected always.

We Custom Design Your Card Access System Using the Highest Quality Products

Our focus is on helping people solve their problems, not selling you something. Even though we have years of experience working with every type of industry you can think of, we will take the time to learn what makes your business unique. After we understand your specific needs and concerns, we use only the best products on the market to build your security system.

You might be wondering how we know that these companies are the best in the accurate control system field. We’ve field-tested their products over and over, and they have consistently passed our quality tests with flying colors. And, most importantly, our clients are happy and secureas well. The card access system products we use have been developed by innovative and customer-focused companies. Just see for yourself!


Here are some of our preferred vendors and the knowledge and expertise that goes into their products:

Paxton Access

Paxton Access is a multinational tech company that has over 30 years of experience. It is renowned for its products that are a careful balance between simple and powerful.


ProdataKey, also known as pdk, is an access control company built around cloud-based technologies. Pdk offers both hardware and software products for 24-hour access.

Keri Systems

Started in 1990, Keri Systems is a worldwide supplier for access control and integrated security systems. They understand where the security industry has come from and where it is going.


Kaba access control software is designed around the way a property is used. Thoughtful consideration is given to the specific security needs based on how the property is used: commercial, lodging, multi-housing, or vacation rental.

HID Global

HID Global offers an extensive portfolio of tools to create and manage secure identities. Are you still using a paper-based, handwritten access log? You might want to read HID Global’s straight-to-the-point explanation of the risks of going without an automated visitor system, and the valuable benefits you miss by not having one.

Choose the Experts at Accurate Lock & Safe

When you need a security system for your home or business, go for the safer option and get an accurate control system. At Accurate Lock & Safe, we specialize in keyless access security systems, electronic security systems, and card security systems. We only use the best products made by the best vendors in the field to ensure that your commercial or residential property is always safe.

Contact us today to learn more about the types of accurate control systems we offer or to schedule an appointment with us to get your property properly secured!

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