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Business Security Systems in St George Utah

Whether you are in St. George or one of the surrounding areas, we can offer you a variety of security system solutions to keep your business safe and under lock. We will help you select the features that will work best for your business needs. Here are some things to consider when you want to install new business security systems or upgrade your existing ones.

Must Have Features of the Best Business Security Systems

As a business owner in St. George, Utah or the surrounding areas, you have so much invested in your business. For this reason, it is only natural that you would want to protect your assets from both inside and outside threats. Installing efficient business security systems in your business premises can ensure that your enterprise is protected from threats.

Making an investment in quality security systems for your business is a sound decision; this is because, in addition to the peace of mind you acquire by knowing that your assets are safe, you can also drastically reduce your insurance cost. Insurance companies often offer lower rates to businesses with good security, as they usually have little risk of burglary and theft.

In addition, to deterring employee theft these systems can increase employee productivity, for instance if you install monitoring security cameras employees often work harder as they are aware of the cameras. So, how do you choose the best security systems for your business?

Consider Your Type of Business Versus the Security System Features

One of the most important questions our customers ask our locksmiths is how suitable is a security system to their type of business? Every business is different they, therefore, have different security demands. For instance, a jewelry store may require a security system with multiple or more advanced features and locks when compared to a bakery. The location and size of your business must also be considered when choosing a security system for your office, retail location or warehouse. This often plays a big factor in deciding if a wireless security system or a hard-wired one is better for your situation.

One Fair Price

A lot of locksmiths will charge you an arm and a leg, especially if you are locked out. They tell you one price on the phone, but when they get there the game changes, and suddenly you are paying more than you signed up for. That is not how we do it at Accurate Lock & Safe. We don?t take advantage of people in a jam ? we name one fair price and stick to it.

What Type of Security Alarm?

An alarm is one of the most basic features every commercial security system should possess. An alarm is important because it alerts the authority or the business owner of an intrusion in locked areas. For instance, if a locked door or window has been opened after business hours, a security alarm should make some audible noise or should send a silent alert to security personnel, or do both. Some security alarms can be activated using a panic button while others can be tripped manually by motion.

Do You Want a Monitored Central Station?

A central security station is another critical feature that should be in every security system, as it is the part that actually does the ‘protecting’. The central system is connected to the phone lines and is programmed with vital security information such as business location. When an alarm is triggered, it sends a notification to the central monitoring system, which in turn contacts the security offices or your office.

Is Access Control a Priority?

Your security system should respect the fact that you are “running a business”; therefore, it should feature an access control. An access control allows authorized personnel like employees to get into your business and perform their tasks without incidence, but only in the areas where they are permitted to be. For instance, businesses with complex security systems will often give their employees control access cards, which allow them to unlock authorized areas only. Some businesses will also have special secret authorization codes set, and these codes will only be shared with authorized personnel. Access control will also help you know when an employee reported to their workstation and when they left.

Are Security Cameras Necessary?

You should consider choosing a security system that features security cameras. The cameras should be strategically placed, to allow security personnel to spot any mischief and also deter any perpetrator of mischief. In most instances, the presence of a visible security camera is enough to prevent any incident of theft.

Some security cameras can also record visual and audio information. These recordings can be saved and used in future as evidence or reference in a criminal case. Various types of cameras have different storage capacities, and it is up to you to determine which storage capacity would be suitable for your business needs.

Cameras can also be linked to the central monitoring system; this allows them to relay vital information to the system. The monitoring system can be on site or can be off site. In either case, a wireless connection is often used to transmit information. This system allows security personnel to receive real-time information on suspicious activity and respond in a timely manner.

What Type of Security Sensors Are Best?

There are types of companies that do not require highly advanced business security systems, such as those businesses located in secure areas. In such places, security measures that feature simple sensors such as door chimes are enough. A door chime is used during normal business operations to signal that a person has entered a building. This is especially good for stores operated by a single person or a few people. Here are more examples of security sensors and how they are used:

Motion Detectors

These are often installed in strategic locations and when they are tripped they may activate an alarm or send a signal to the central monitoring system. There are also motion detectors that are connected to cameras and security lights, and when they are tripped they trigger the cameras or lights to come on. This is a feature that might come with your security cameras or alarm system; they may also be purchased separately.

Glass Break Detectors

These detectors are usually attached to windows and display glass. As their name suggests, this type of security system is activated when a glass is broken, in which they will send an alert signal to the relevant authority. The alarm can either be silent or audible. Such a system is especially great for businesses dealing with highly valuable items such as jewelry stores.

Will You Need Remote Access?

Remote access is another important feature for your commercial security. This kind of access can be setup to alert the owner of the presence of an intruder in any locked area of your business. Alternatively, it can be set to alert an external security system company. These systems allow a business owner to monitor and control the security of their businesses when they are away. The remote access can be through the use of your computer and even your smartphone.

How Can Security Lights Help?

An essential security feature for your business is security lights. When security lights are well placed they can deter criminal activity from occurring. Security lights also allow you to see exactly what is going on if you are located in an area where mischief might happen. This makes it much easier to document a crime if it happens and report it to the police. Lighting is also important to aid a security camera in performing its observatory task. Some security lights are motion sensitive, they are triggered to light up when an intruder enters your premises.

There are so many things to consider that you might be wondering if it wouldn?t be easier to just leave a few lights on at night and lock the doors. Are commercial security systems really necessary? Absolutely! Security systems are important to keep your property safe and under lock, your employees and can also give you a competitive advantage because you will likely avoid spending time and energy on theft issues that other businesses need to address. The best business security systems should be able to sound an alarm, should be able to notify the relevant personnel if a locked door is opened without authorization or if a crime is being committed, it should be able to record an occurring crime and it should be able to grant access to the right individuals.

And don?t forget, we are here to help! We have been serving St. George, UT, Mesquite, NV, and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years. If you would like a professional security consultation for your office, retail store, or warehouse, call us today and one of our knowledgeable locksmiths will assist you.

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