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Do I Really Need Commercial Security Systems?

It just doesn’t make sense to not protect your business with a security system knowing that burglaries happen about every 15 seconds in the United States. When you stop to think about the time, effort, and money you have invested in your business, you will want to protect it with window sensors, cameras, motion detectors, and activated lighting.

Unfortunately, many small business owners may believe they can’t afford commercial security systems, but the losses they may face without a system could far exceed the cost of a security system investment. Understanding what the benefits are and what could happen if you don’t take protective measures may help you to see what you are facing as a small business owner.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Security Systems?

Reducing Risks

As a business owner, you want to take precautions to protect your business structure, inventory, furnishings, and employees from risks associated with the business. Commercial security systems can help to reduce risks from fires, vandalism, and burglary. A security system for small businesses can even save companies from going under in the cases of large-scale theft.

Security Signs

Security companies provide their customers with signs indicating there is a security system in place. Customers can put one or more signs in their windows or on doors, which alert potential burglars, thieves, and shoplifters of the system.

The majority of burglars are more than likely going to pass on your shop and look for one that is easier to break into when they see these signs.

Customers Feel Safe

With the constant threat of cyber-attacks on businesses of all sizes, customers feel much more secure knowing that you are a responsible business using a security system. They like the idea that the credit card or personal information stored in your registers or computers at your place of business is well protected.

Reducing Vandalism

Although your main concern may be to protect your inventory or goods, installing motion detection lights as part of your security efforts often makes vandals think twice about destroying, damaging, or defacing your property.

Trying to repair the damages from kids using spray-paint or replacing broken windows can easily cost thousands and may be avoided with security measures.

Stopping Burglaries in Progress

Many commercial security systems come with loud alarm systems that alert thieves that they have been detected. Often, this is all it takes to scare them off and prevent additional losses.

Preventing Employee Thefts

Although shop owners and small businesses make every effort to screen new hires, many dishonest people slip through the cracks. When employees know they are being monitored, they are less likely to take money from cash registers, alter the books, or even steal the personal data of customers for identity theft.

Halting Shoplifting

Young shoplifters may think twice about snatching up a shirt or a purse if they know they are on camera. More experienced thieves may not feel it’s worth the risk of being caught and sent to prison. Regardless of whether a camera is actually working, just the fact that it can be seen is often enough to prevent shoplifting.

Recording Negligence/On-site Accidents

Having a well-designed system means you have camera systems in place to record activities outside and inside your shop, building, or warehouse. By recording visitors and employees on camera, you have documented proof of all activities and may avoid negligence lawsuits or phony accidents.

Avoiding Inventory Shortages

Employees working alone in large warehouses where there are fewer people to notice their actions may decide that stealing inventory is not such a good idea when 24-hour surveillance cameras are running. Moving video cameras into different locations now and then is also a good way to catch unsuspecting thieves.

Tracking Evidence of Theft

Having cameras or videos running inside and out can record thefts, how the intruder entered the premises, what they took, and even the type of vehicle used in the robbery.

This kind of documentation provides the police with a great deal of information to use to apprehend a crook or a group of thieves working together. It’s also extremely beneficial when making insurance claims.

Monitoring Remotely

Being able to monitor your business remotely from a computer or mobile phone allows you to see what is going on in real-time when you are not on the premises.

You may catch inappropriate employee activities, view customers causing damage, or see inventory stolen through the back door.

Obtaining Insurance Discounts

Anyone considering the installation of security protection should contact their insurance agent to discuss insurance discounts. Insurance companies look very favorably on businesses with security protection and offer great discounts to business owners.

Recording Activities

Video systems not only record activities in the shop, but they may also help you to understand the shopping habits of customers. Watching customers on video as they enter your retail store can help to determine which displays are drawing the most attention and where you should place specific types of merchandise to increase sales.

Having Fire and Flood Alerts

Most modern types of security systems include alarms to alert authorities about fire or floods. You cannot be at your business 24 hours a day, but an alarm system can detect these types of dangers and may prevent incredible amounts of costly damage.

What Are the Risks of Not Having Commercial Security Systems?

Your Assets Are Vulnerable

All the hard work and money you have put into your business could be at risk from repeated thefts, fires, or floods when there are no security enhancements to prevent theft or signal an alarm when there is a fire or danger of flooding.

Many of the smallest startups just don’t have the capital to start over after suffering huge losses. But paying a little money upfront to cover prevention costs is often money well spent.

In summary, here are the problems you will likely face if you do not have a good security system for your business.

You’re A Preferred Target

By not having a security system in place to discourage thieves, your business, office, store, or warehouse becomes a target for theft. Thieves are looking for the easiest and quickest places to rip-off; with no security, you leave your business open to a number of risks.

Open Invitation for Employee Theft

Unfortunately, many dishonest employees will jump on the chance to steal from you if they are not constantly monitored with surveillance equipment.

Increased Vandalism

Not having motion detectors, effective lighting, and outdoor cameras makes your business more susceptible to acts of vandalism. Dark exteriors, ineffective locks, and unprotected windows provide the perfect invitation to gangs and young adults looking to destroy and damage buildings and parking lots.

Higher Insurance Premiums

Prudent business owners are always looking for ways to cut expenses or save money. However, if you haven’t taken the time or invested a little bit of cash in your commercial security systems to prevent damages to your business, you are more than likely running the risk of exceptionally high insurance premiums.

Unfortunately, many small or new businesses are more at risk of theft, floods, and fires because they don’t realize how much of an investment they really have in their business. Often, it takes a theft or disaster before you realize the costly consequences of not having a security system.

Get Your Business Secured with Accurate Lock & Safe

You don’t have to suffer a break-in or flood to turn your security around. Getting a commercial security system installed will hinder or completely prevent many attempts at theft or fraud in your business. Don’t run the risk of being left vulnerable when it comes to your business’s security.

If you are ready to mitigate your business risks, call Accurate Lock & Safe today for a security system estimate! We service locations in St. George, UT, Mesquite, NV, and the surrounding areas. We look forward to being your security system installer!

We know the importance of having peace of mind when it comes to your protecting your home

Do I Really Need Residential Security Systems?

Many homeowners might not consider the importance of having a home security system installed. If you protect your valuables with a security system, doesn’t it make sense to protect those closest to you in your very own home? Even if you don’t store your valuables at home, a residential security system can prevent theft, break-ins, and even notify you of potential environmental threats like fires or floods. Security systems don’t just keep burglars out; they keep everyone inside safe.

Many of the benefits of having a commercial security system installed also apply to residential properties. Your insurance premiums can be lowered, you and your family can feel safer, and you can often remotely monitor your home even if you’re out of town.

Protect what’s most valuable to you with a residential security system installed by the pros with 30+ years of experience at Accurate Lock & Safe today!

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