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We take pride in helping you make the best decisions to secure your most precious belongings

St. George Utah's Safe & Vault Specialists

If you own a business, you know that keeping your company’s documents and electronic files protected from intruders or natural disasters is vital to the success of your business.

That is why it’s important to keep your commercial safe or vault in excellent condition. Whether you have forgotten the combination to your safe or need a new one installed in your commercial space, our professional locksmiths are happy to serve commercial clients in St. George and the surrounding areas with a variety of safe and vault services.

Our Specialized Locksmiths Can

  • Install a safe or vault door in your business
  • Open a safe or vault door with a lost combination or broken lock
  • Change the lock combination
  • Replace a lock
  • Move a safe from one location to another
  • Repair broken safes
  • And more…

Few items are as tough but sensitive as your safe

Many people maintain a home or office safe to keep their documents or valuables protected from fire or theft but need expert help to install one or repair an existing one. We take pride in helping you make the best decisions to secure your most precious belongings.

All Types and Security Levels

  • Floor safes
  • Wall safes
  • Gun safes
  • Jeweler’s safes
  • Depository safes
  • Fire and residential security containers

With Accurate Lock & Safe, each safe and vault service effort is customized to your exact specifications with the utmost respect to your safe’s integrity. We can advise you on the right safe for your needs and budget. Give us a call for an on-premises consultation.

Responsible Rates

We are a family business proud of our reputation for friendly, professional service at competitive prices. Accurate Lock & Safe wants your business and welcomes your questions.

Safe and Vault Services

Combination Changes

We change forgotten, lost, or stale combinations on all safes and vaults, electronic and mechanical. Our safe specialist can provide instructions on changing electronic keypad combinations and is highly skilled in efficiently changing mechanical dial combinations. Create your own combination or have us randomize one for you.

Lock Changes

We change mechanical dials to digital locks, provide expert installations, retrofits, and lock replacements. All locks need changing over time, and we can update even antique safe and vault locks to modern lock templates. Our skills in state-of-the-art locks include installing and servicing advanced functions: biometrics, audit trails, time delay, multiple user codes, manager functions, and more.

Safe and Vaults Openings

Not only are we Southern Utah’s lock therapists, but we can soothe your nerves too. When you can’t get in your safe due to a malfunctioning lock or a wrong combination, we can take care of that! We’ll open your safe or vault in the speediest and least damaging way possible with the latest technology and our specialized locksmiths and techniques. In some cases, the lock may be repaired, which we will do to your exacting standards. Bad hinges or rusted bolts can also prevent you from opening your safe. We will get you past these obstacles as well.


The best and most investment-savvy way to keep what you treasure well protected and under lock is regular maintenance. We can make sure you are never in a stressful position when it comes to your residential or commercial safe with expert analysis, service, cleaning, repair, welding, and advice. Safes and vaults can be used and abused for decades and even centuries. We will help you achieve the best security and longevity possible from your strongbox.

Bolt Down

A bolted-down safe provides the highest security possible for your assets. We will attach your safe to the best available option for you and your environment (floor, wall, shelf, auto, other spaces), giving potential burglars far fewer options.

Work with Accurate Lock & Safe

With 30+ years of locksmith experience, we understand your safe and vault needs and have the solutions! We’re deeply customer-service oriented and want you to be happy with all our services. When you have a problem with a safe or vault, don’t go at it alone. Let us help!

Contact us today to find out more about installing or maintaining your home or office safe or vault.

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