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Types of Commercial Access Control

We know the importance of being able to control access to your company?s valuables

What Type of Access Control Does Your Company Need?

You have worked hard to build your business and so it is important to find a locking solution that works for you and your needs. If you have employees, you will also want to consider an access control system that restricts access to only the people who need and only at the times they need it. Here?s some information about how to go about doing that.

Keyless Access Solutions

If there is no key lock, then there is nothing for anyone to pick in order to gain access to your business. This will make it much harder for anyone to break in. If a break-in does occur and you have a keyless access system, it will be easy to quickly narrow down exactly who might have had the knowledge and ability to get access to your business. Since there are a variety of different keyless access solutions out there, it is worth at looking at each of them.

Swipe Cards

The advantage to swipe cards is that they are difficult to duplicate, but they are like a key because they allow users to gain physical access to your facilities. In many cases, you can recycle access cards which can help you to cut back on expenses if you have a high turnover with employees.

In addition, access cards can be loaded with a lot of other information so that you know exactly who is gaining access to your building at what time. If you have a control system that independently locks different doors, you can even make it so that employees have cards that open some doors but not others. In addition, you will always know who is gaining access at what time through their card. If you make sure that every employee understands how important it is to keep track of their card, there should be no surprises when you ask questions about what they were doing at a certain time in a certain room.


Another effective and keyless way to make sure your physical locations stay secure is through biometric data. An example of this type of data is a scanner that takes note of an individual?s fingerprint or eye data, such as the shape of their cornea. These things are unique to the individual, so they make for a perfect way to make sure that unauthorized persons stay out of areas you want to keep secure. Copying this biometric data is not something that?s easy for people to do so you can be sure that your locations will be safe.


Another effective way to handle your security in the physical world is through a digital keypad. Again, there is nothing here to pick so traditional methods of gaining access will fail. You can also control the access code for the digital keypad and change it on a regular basis much more easily than you could change the keys that fit a lock. It is recommended that each employee have a separate code so in case something happens, it will be easier to track the culprit.

If you need an access control system, call Accurate Lock & Safe. We are Certified Master Locksmiths in Southern Utah and we can give you a comprehensive security evaluation.

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